///Duro-Europa Acrílico Desportivo

Duro-Europa Acrílico Desportivo

Coating system for outdoor sports floors.


Acrylic flooring systems are suitable for sports fields. Ideal for all outdoor tennis standards.

These acrylic systems offer a variety of surfaces for tennis court linings, from the more sophisticated Hard-Europe Super Acrylic to the traditional Hard-Europe Acrylic Basics. All systems are certified by the ITF tennis organization (International Tennis Federation).

The system incorporating a prefabricated cushioning layer – SBR rubber roll of high density and quality, allows to vary the final thickness of the system.
The presence of this shock absorber layer reduces impact and fatigue on athletes’ joints, while providing a high quality surface with consistent ball bounce, excellent grip and foot slip.

This pavement presents excellent durability to the requirements of the modality.

They are classified as advanced jackets, designed to offer players the surface with the highest levels of performance and cushioning for a secure competition / games and workouts.


• 100% Aqueous-based acrylics.
• ITF certified for the slow | medium pace.
• Textured finish.
• Optimized force reduction.
• Quick installation.
• Low maintenance costs.
• Long life with excellent durability.
• Consistent increase.
• Excellent slip resistance when wet and dry.
• Outdoor systems, ideal for tennis courts.
• Excellent wear resistance.
• Easy maintenance.
• Wide range of standard colors, other colors only after consulting the technical department.

System Composition

RAL Colors