///Duro-Europa Acrylic Primer

Duro-Europa Acrylic Primer

Adhesion promoter and dust sealer for mortars.

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It is an adhesion primer for mortars and pore sealers.
It is an aqueous dispersion of synthetic resins, without solvent, specially developed to seal the pores of various supports, such as cement, pressed wood, plaster and smooth concrete.

It is characterized by a hydrophobic action, which blocks the absorption of water from the back layer and the rise of air bubbles when applying the finishing layer. This feature prevents fast drying of self-leveling mortar and provides excellent surface finish.

It is a adhesion promoter and pore sealer for indoor areas, which prevents water penetration.
This product is the base product in the preparation of the carrier prior to the application of any final coating of a cementitious nature.

Consumption: 0.080-0.150kg/m²
Package: 10 ou 20kg


The product DuroEuropa Acrylic Primer is sold in a single package, being a single component product.

Buckets of 10 or 20 lts.


• Easy to apply.
• Fast drying.
• Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
• Effective anti-stain action on cement supports.
• Reduced odor.
• White color, which after drying forms a transparent film.
• Allows roll application.