///Duro-Europa Acrylic Primer Top

Duro-Europa Acrylic Primer Top

Glazed and non-porous surfaces adhesion promoter product for cementitious mortar systems.

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It is a bonding primer for bonding bridges on smooth, impermeable and non-porous substrates.
As the primary promoter of adhesion between repair mortars. It is a product for indoor application.
It is an aqueous dispersion of synthetic resins, without solvent, with permanent tack.
This product develops a film that acts as an adhesive on different surfaces with excellent elastic ability, to accompany any basic movement or cracks.

Consumption: 0.200-0.300kg/m²
Package: 10 or 20kg.


The product DuroEuropa Acrylic Primer Top is sold in a single package, being a one-component product.

Buckets of 10 or 20 lts.


• Easy to apply.
• Fast drying.
• Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
• Effective anti-stain action on cementitious support.
• Reduced odor.
• White color, which after drying forms a transparent film.
• Allows roll application.
• Excellent elasticity.
• Resistance to alkaline media.
• Allows pigmentation and mixing with different loads.
• Excellent resistance U.V ..
• Provides waterproofing.