///Duro-Europa Durocret HF Meias Canas

Duro-Europa Durocret HF Meias Canas

Polyurethane based cementitious, antimicrobial, developed for sanitary curves and half-pipes that provides a smooth colored finish.


Durocret CM antimicrobial is a self-leveling polyurethane grout for sanitary curves – half-canes that provides a smooth smooth colored finish. It is a product that belongs to a range of high chemical resistance and antimicrobial protection, suitable for MF, RT and HF systems. The product allows to develop half canes and baseboards with variable thickness of 6 to 8 mm with matt finish and without joints.

Consumption: 6mm thickness: approx. 3.7kg/linear meter (150mm height, 50mm deep, 50mm radius)
Package: 4 component kit: 2.4kg comp.A + 2.5kg comp.B + 22.05kg comp.C + 0.5kg comp.D