Duro-Europa Durocret MF

Polyurethane based cementitious mortar, antimicrobial, that develops a continuous floor of 4 to 6mm thick, with a durable smooth or textured finishing.


Durocret MF antimicrobial is a self-leveling polyurethane mortar that provides a smooth smooth colored finish. It is a flooring belonging to a product range with high chemical resistance and antimicrobial protection. It is a product suitable for dry areas, with pedestrian traffic and intense machines. The product allows to develop a system of coating in the thickness of 4 to 6 mm and allows a matte finish and without joints.

Consumption: 7.6kg/m² for 4mm or 11.4kg/m² for 6mm
Package: 4 component kit: 2.4kg comp.A + 2.5kg comp.B + 11.6kg comp.C + 0.5kg comp.D