Duro-Europa EP Level

Self-leveling Epoxy with high mechanical resistance

É um ligante Epoxy colorido de dois componentes, sem solventes. Produto de Viscosidade média para utilização na execução de pavimentos decorativos.


It is a two-component, solvent-free, colored Epoxy binder. Average viscosity product for use in the execution of decorative floors, such as: self-leveling. That makes possible the optional coating of finish with a matte seal.
Indicated for interior areas, being the base support cementitious (concrete and screed). This product under direct UV radiation may be discoloration and color variation; this does not influence the effectiveness and performance of the coating.


The EP-LEVEL Dura-Europe product is marketed in a set of two packages, totaling 24.4 kg.
Marketable in a wide range of colors, based on the letter.


• Self-leveling epoxy formed by 100% solid resin.
• Smooth finish.
• Thickness of 2-3 mm.
• Continuous, waterproof and water repellent.
• Hygienic and easy to clean.
• Decorative, with wide possibility of colors, glitter or chips.
• Good chemical resistance.
• Good abrasion resistance.
• Excellent adhesion.
• Excellent impact resistance.
• High durability.

System structure


• Easy to apply.
• Smooth or colored finish.
• Marketable in a wide range of colors, bright and decorative.
• Specially formulated for the development of decorative floors as self-leveling.
• Impermeable to water, oils and fuels.
• Good chemical and mechanical resistance.
• Floor without joints, easy to clean, according to regulation 852/2001 annex I.

Cores Ral

The colors after applied may differ from the examples shown. To get a certainty of the final pavement color, please contact our company Hard-Europe to request test samples.