///Duro-Europa EP Sealler Quartzo

Duro-Europa EP Sealler Quartzo

Transparent or pigmented bicomponent epoxy product that allows incorporating high content of aggregates, namely quartz sands and to develop epoxy mortars with variable thicknesses from 3 to 8mm.


It is a two component, solvent free, transparent Epoxy binder. Product of low viscosity for use in the execution of decorative floors, colored and of natural sands of high brightness. That makes possible the optional coating of finish with a matte seal.
Indicated for indoor areas, under direct UV radiation there may be discoloration and color variation, this does not influence the effectiveness and performance of the coating.

Consumption: mixing resin/aggregates ratio is 1:5. Consumption of 6kg/m² of the mixture for thicknesses of 5mm.
Package: 2 component kit: 10kg comp.A + 5 comp.B

System sctructure

The product Duro-Europa EP SEALLER is marketed in a set of two packs, totaling 15 kg.
Colorless and marketable in a wide range of colors, based on the letter.


• Easy to apply.
• Transparent or colored finish.
• Marketable in a wide range of colors, bright and decorative.
• Specially formulated for the sealing of natural sand and decorative finishes.
• Excellent adhesion between layers when applied between coats.
• Impermeable to water, oils and fuels.
• High chemical and mechanical resistance.
• Floor without joints, easy to clean, according to regulation 852/2001 annex I.