///Duro-Europa Mastique

Duro-Europa Mastique

Epoxy bicomponent product that eliminates the formation of drain, when applied vertically, and rebates after drying, when applied on pavements. Ideal for the formation of half pipes.

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It is a sticky mass of easy workability. The product can be applied in thin layers as a promoter of adherence in vertical walls, sanded after drying.
The product is also intended to fill joints (concrete joints, cement, etc.), cracks and holes in the support.
The Duro-Europa Mastic product is a universal, two-component, 100% solids-free, solvent-free mass with a characteristic viscosity that makes it impossible to obtain drains when applied vertically, and abatements after drying when applied to floors with elongation up to 150% – DuroEuropa Chew PU.

Consumption: 0.240kg/ml for a half-pipe with a radius of 30mm and a baseboard with 10cm of height and 1-2mm of thickness.
Package: 24kg kit (16kg Comp.A + 8kg Comp.B)