///Duro-Europa Mastique PU

Duro-Europa Mastique PU

Two-component product indicated for the filling of workability joints, which cannot be covered with the final coating.

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It is a sticky polymeric mass of easy workability. The product is used for the development of half-canes and for wall cladding in polyurethane systems.
It is ideal for filling expansion joints and contraction of concrete, and cracks.
There is also a Hard-Europa Mastic PU metal version to seal the metal, stone, tile and all dry supports.

The Hard-Europa Mastic PU product is a two-component plastic polyurethane resin with a characteristic viscosity that makes it possible to avoid drainage when applied vertically, and after drying when applied to floors.
It can be applied in thin layer or in thickness.

Consumption: Filling of joints with 3mm: 0.05kg/ml; with 5mm: 0.1kg/ml.
Half-pipes with 2 to 3cm radius: 0.2-0.25kg/ml
Package: 19.2kg kit (16kg Comp.A + 3.2kg Comp.B)