///Duro-Europa PU Level Confort

Duro-Europa PU Level Confort

Flexible polyurethane based bicomponent product, allows the development of a self-leveling, flexible and fluid finishing, of easy application, with option of colors according to the RAL catalog.


PU LEVEL CONFORT is a self-leveling bi-component, polyurethane and flexible base. Provides a comfortable walking coat and low sound emission.
Product PU LEVEL CONFORT is not a finishing product and should always be covered with the self-leveling polyurethane Duro-Europa PU Level super confort or with the self-leveling polyurethane resistant to UV rays Duro-Europa PU Level confort U.V.
The combination of these products results in a floor of approximately 5-7 mm with a soft sublayer and a harder surface layer, considerably reducing ambient and subsonic noise. The sound level will be reduced within the space where it is applied, as well as in adjacent spaces, resulting in a pleasant indoor climate, even with high public traffic.

Consumption: 2,8kg/m²
Package: 2 component kit: 24kg comp.A + 6kg comp.B


• Self-leveling polyurethane formed by 100% solid resin.
• Smooth finish with matte or satin option.
• Thickness of 5-7 mm for interiors.
• Continuous, waterproof and water repellent.
• Hygienic and easy to clean.
• Decorative, with wide possibility of colors, glitter or chips.
• High chemical resistance.
• Good abrasion resistance.
• Excellent adhesion.
• Excellent impact resistance.
• High durability.
• Coating with high noise reduction.
• Excellent walking comfort and impact cushioning.
• Suitable for deformable substrates: wood, metal, synthetic asphalt as well as substrates susceptible to cracking.


The Duro-Europa PU Level Confort is suitable for commercial areas as well as private homes, living rooms, medical offices, wards, nursing homes, kindergartens, spas, rehabilitation rooms, sports halls not subject to large impact forces and (gymnastics, aerobics, dance, etc.), among others.
Depending on the subsequent application of the Hard-Europa Pu Level Confort U.V, or Hard-Europa PU Level Super Confort, seal with Hard-Europa Sealler PU Aqua Mate / Satin.
The coatings with the product Duro-Europa PU Level Confort present deformation and impressions when subjected to high loads. Load relief reduces impressions, although some may be continuously visible.


The Duro-Europa PU LEVEL Confort product is marketed in a set of two packages.
Marketable in a wide range of colors, based on the letter.

System structure

Colors Ral

The colors after applied may differ from the examples shown. To get a certainty of the final pavement color, please contact our company Hard-Europe to request test samples.


• Solvent free;
• Low emission;
• Reduces noise level;
• Increases walking comfort;
• Good resilience;
• Comfortable.