///Duro-Europa Humid Primer

Duro-Europa Humid Primer

Two-component epoxy primer system with moisture-blocking effect on cementitious substrates, compatible with contaminated supports with high moisture content. It allows different adjustments and repairs of substrates in areas with a temperature of 0 °C.

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Epoxy binder two components for use on internal and external cementitious support, as a primer to regularize and repair floors contaminated with moisture.
It is an Epoxy-based adhesion promoter, which clogs the pores, promotes adhesion and regularizes the medium with moisture contents of more than 12% for finishing with the products of the Duro-Europa range.
It promotes a moisture blocking system when combined with the product Duro-Europa Humid Evolution which is characterized by a product of the same chemical nature.

Consumption: 0.6kg/m²
Package: 2 component kit: 15kg comp.A + 7.2kg comp.B

System sctructure

The product Duro-Europa Humid Primer is marketed in a set of two
packaging, totaling 22.2 kg.


• Suitable for temperatures up to 0 ° C.
• Easy to apply.
• Solvent free.
• Waterproof.
• Easily penetrates into the cementitious base, reinforcing the wear surface.
• Prevents the defragmentation of the aggregates, delaying the aging of the support.
• Resistant to hydrolysis and saponification.
• Excellent adhesion and rapid curing, even on damp substrates without the presence of puddles of water, ice and water pressure.
• Reduces porosity.
• It assures the correct adhesion between the support and the different coatings Duro-Europa.
• Aspect / Color Component A: dark brown liquid. Component B: yellow liquid.